Better Security
Files that are stored in an office are available to prying eyes. By storing with us, you can rest assured that your files are only being accessed by staff who is authorized to view them. We use a signature verification system that allows our customers to determine who can access their files and only those persons are granted access.

Safer than Mini Storage (or attic, barn, etc.)
A lot of companies store their files in a mini storage building, their attic, or other offsite locations. We have heard countless stories of records being destroyed because of the lack of climate control, bugs, and careless neighbors. Often, the records are hard to retrieve and sometimes, even dangerous.

We take the work out of managing your files by providing you with easier access.  You will also have the security of knowing that your records are safe. Plus, many times our record management services cost less than what you would have to pay for an average mini storage facility.

Keeps Your Office from Being Overcrowded
For many of our customers, we are an extension to their filing room. Some companies do not have the room to keep all of their files or need the square footage to grow their business.  Other companies choose to keep some current records and place their archival files in storage.

Eliminates Possibility of Missing Records
Sometimes companies have a hard time finding specific files due to employee turnover or changes in their filing system. We provide all of our customers with inventory sheets and a binder to keep everything in order. If an employee leaves, the company will still have access to their files. Additionally, we store the file cartons according to a barcode system, eliminating the chances of your records getting lost, and giving you quick access to your records.

Quick Access
Records stored with us can be accessed within minutes. You can pick them up directly from us or we can deliever them to you on demand by courier, fax, or mail services.
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